Thanks for your desire to get involved in the Grace Walk To Emmaus.  This page allows you to:

  • WORK:  Submit a request to work the next walk, and,
  • SPONSOR:  Learn about sponsoring a friend, and,
  • MAPS/LINKS:  Get a quick map to churches.

Work A Walk

If you have already completed a Walk, you can join us to work a walk. Please click this ‘Work’ button to submit an on-line form.  A new on-line application is required for each and every walk. If you submitted a work request for the 2019 walk that was cancelled, that work request is not valid since it’s been over one year.  So please fill out a new work request form when we begin walks again. Get your ‘Work Request Applications’ in before the team meetings!

Walks and Gatherings

Walks are postponed
Our Board of Directors suspended walks until it is determined that in-person Walks can be held safely from a health standpoint.
Our Next Gathering is TBD
  • At Gatherings we sing a few songs, share in communion and share with each other about our 4th Days.
  • Past Gathering have been from 5 – 6 pm on Saturdays. 
  • Our Gatherings are via Zoom Call.  Zoom links are always in our newsletters and reminders.

If you are not getting the newsletter, or have other questions:  Contact us via our contact page on this web site.

Sponsor A Pilgrim

Sponsorship is one of the most significant parts of The Walk to Emmaus.  Sponsorship requires far-reaching prayer, attentive thought, inviting people by name to attend the walk, and watchful planning and follow-through of their Fourth Day. Remember that the walk is not for everyone.

The Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus lists three aspects of good sponsorship:  it is the first act of agape before a Walk ever begins, it under-girds the whole weekend with sacrificial love on behalf of each pilgrim, and after the walk your follow-up is crucial for the foundation for a healthy, effective Emmaus Movement, which results in the renewal of the church. Please watch the sponsorship video in step 1 and read the rules on that page as well.  Step 2 has the questions that the sponsor should give to their pilgrim and receive back so that the sponsor can fill out the pilgrim application on behalf of the pilgrim.  (Do not ask the pilgrim to fill out the electronic form, else the pilgrim will show up as the sponsor in the database, and the sponsor should lead this entire process anyway.  Thanks!)

Get your ‘Sponsorship Form Applications’ in before the team meetings.

Step 1:   Click the step 1 button to read the Sponsorship Guidelines.

Step 2:   Review the information (by clicking the step 2 button) that you’ll need from the person you want to sponsor, in order to submit a sponsorship application.

Step 3:   Fill out an on-line application, using the information you obtained from Sponsorship step 2.

Maps to Walk Locations

Gilroy Presbyterian Church is located at .

Antioch Church On The Rock (COTR) (UMC) is located at

Willow Glen United Methodist Church is located at

Links to Other Emmaus Web Sites

The National Walk To Emmaus headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee, by the Upper Room division of the United Methodist Church.

Kairos is a ministry of Emmaus for prisons with a format that is approved by security.